The Conversable platform enables both new and repeat transactions seamlessly in whatever channel the conversation is happening.

Customer Care

Conversable is creating integrated customer care allowing for higher convenience, quicker resolutions, and stronger brand loyalty.


The Conversable platform allows customers to get the on-demand content they desire instantly when and where they want.


Conversable allows enterprises to replace internal dashboards and portals with conversational data within existing enterprise messaging channels.

  • seamless commerce

    Drive revenue through messaging channels that already have high engagement, all while providing a new level of convenience - it’s a win-win situation.

    • Guided & natural language ordering

    • Re-order favorites & past orders

    • Upsells, coupons, & rewards

    • Search & book reservations

    • Delivery dates & times

  • customer care

    Level up your customer service game by providing self-service account management, then seamlessly escalate cases that need a human touch.

    • Product or service availability

    • Self-service scheduling

    • Personalized account information

    • Loyalty & convenience

    • Troubleshooting wizards

  • instant content

    Give customers on-demand access to content without having to search or wait for someone to respond.

    • Deals & Promotions

    • Interactive stories & quizzes

    • Event Schedules & status updates

    • Store location, hours, contact info

    • Answers to FAQs

Conversational Intelligence Flows

The purpose of a conversational flow is to guide a user to a desired outcome.

Industry Focused Verticals

Conversable has built high-level conversation templates to make it easy to get started. With a basic conversational flow for an industry vertical, Conversable provides an easy starting point to begin designing, customizing and expanding the conversational interfaces that they want to deliver to their customers.

combining conversational flows

Conversational flows can also be merged together over time to further provide deeper conversational options for the user. For example, customer service and commerce conversational flows could be built independently and then merged together into the main conversational flow to allow for a seamless transition from a customer service request to a commerce flow.

one flow creates many experiences

The Conversable platform and approach to conversational modeling allows for a true omni-channel strategy for both text and voice messaging automation experiences. The conversational flows allows customers to get to a desired outcome such as starting an order, customizing that order, and then enjoy easy check-out without ever leaving their preferred messaging channel or supported voice enabled device.