Conversable has been acquired by LivePerson

conversable product suite


Design your conversation visually; extend it with code. This is the workhorse of the Conversable platform.


Make your bot smart with intuitive AI training tools that help you understand how to improve your bot.


Organize content so that 
it’s reusable, maintainable, and translated in to any language.


It’s email marketing for messaging and voice apps. Create and schedule marketing messages at will.


Build and test your experiences before revealing it to the world. This is what separates the pros from the amateurs.


Turnkey bots that leverage best practices and save you time, money, and headaches.

Conversable is the “motherboard” of bots

To create compelling bot experiences, you need to link them to systems and data, and then teach your bots how to use them. Conversable is the platform that connects users, bots, systems, data, and customer care agents.



Design conversations with intuitive tools that are specifically designed for each channel you are building on, whether it’s voice or messaging. It’s easy for business users to pick up, but advanced enough for developers to extend the platform.

Intuitive Editor

Drag-and-drop the conversation element on to the canvas, type in what you want the bot to say, and then get a preview of what it will look or sound like. It’s as easy as that.

Reduce Complexity with Flows

Conversations get complicated and disorganized really quickly. That’s why we created Flows.

Flows are the “file folders” of your conversation, but far more powerful. Use them to group reusable functionality and conversation flows together so that you can use them anywhere in your conversation.

Extend the Platform

Sometimes you will need custom logic in a conversation or to integrate with an API to get data.
 No problem - extend the Conversable platform with webhooks and custom Javascript functions you can drop in to the conversation at any point.


Our tools let you create and then see the results instantaneously. If something doesn’t feel right, just edit and test it out right away.


answering queries using ai

AQUA is an easy-to-use tool for training your bot’s natural language processing capabilities. You don’t need to understand machine learning or AI — focus on teaching the bot what’s right and what’s wrong.

Add personality to your experience

Your bot is already pre-trained to respond to common messages such as “hi” or “how are you.” All you have to do is provide the answers and personality consistent with your brand voice.

Answer frequently asked questions; quickly identify 
& respond to new questions

Use AQUA Care to train your bot’s natrual language understanding. Focus on your customers’ most frequently asked questions to automate answers, reduce response times, reduce escalation rates, and increase customer satisfaction.

Test and improve your AQUA model in real time

Use our chat simulator to test, train, and improve your bot quickly and efficiently. If the bot doesn’t answer correctly, link it to the right answer or provide a new answer right away.

Improve your ai

Make your bot smarter with tools that focus on things your bot wasn’t sure about or wasn’t able to answer. This gives you a quick way to see the gaps in intelligence so that you can focus your energy on the training data that has the greatest impact.


Content Management System

Manage all of your text and media in one place, including content for different languages and specific to each channel. Trust us — you will need this for frustration-free content management.

Cross Platform

Easily add, change and replace content in your conversations. Reuse content in multiple places in your conversation by using the same content element.

outbound center

Send message notifications to users who opt in to hear from you. It’s email marketing but for messaging — simple, but extremely powerful.

Easy Campaigns

Create your message, select a user list and hit send. If you want to get fancy, schedule the messages in advance.

You’ll also get metrics like number 
of opens and engagements to impress your boss and co-workers. We got you.

deployment center

Publish, unpublish and backup your conversations at will — Deployment Center puts you in full control of your experiences.

Safe & Quick Deploys

Build and test your bots in a test environment, then promote them to your live environment with a click of a button.

Each deployment is securely backed up so you can always undo if something doesn’t work quite right. No need to save your work anymore, it’s done for you.


Kits are pre-built bots that leverage best practices and are ready to go. Focus on adding your content and get to market fast.

Example: Movie Kit

Creating a movie promotional bot is easy — fill out the details like description, trailer and launch date.

After users interact with your bot, you can reach out to them again when your movie premieres or becomes available on streaming.

One conversational model. Many flows Many platforms.

system integration

Conversable’s platform exposes an API Interface needed for the conversational model and enterprise client. In some cases, Conversable or a partner builds connectors to the legacy systems necessary to deliver the data needed to respond to various conversational requests while conforming to the API specification. The Conversable API Interface can grow and change as new conversations and nodes are requested by users and the client.

contextual vs. general intent

Much of the bot hype is about the concept of general intent where users type seemingly endless and random text into a chat interface and get magical, highly complex answers. But this is not how people use messaging in the real world.

messaging is contextual

  • First contact is almost always disambiguation. For example, a greeting that suggests “Order, Help, or Talk to an Agent.”

  • From there the user is put in a funnel with significant and increasing context through the entire interaction.

short-hand & emojis

People use short-hand and emojis when they message people.

  • They will expect these in bot experiences.

  • Specialized Natural Language Proccessing (NLP) handles these in context.

  • Messenger and Twitter feature advanced functionality which allows for “tap not type” experiences.

specialized natural language

The Conversable platform identifies points at which the user interaction fails and can be optimized with specialized natural language understanding to allow for faster and more efficient traversing of the conversational flows.

advanced system features

Using a combination of natural language understanding and supervised machine learning, the system can learn what users are looking for and suggest optimizations. Delivering more advanced AI and ML requires substantial data accumulation over many different interactions.