Conversable platform features & services

Conversable and its partners help enterprises navigate the evolution of an enterprise’s conversational flows, messaging channels, and desired feature roadmap including deep system integration with legacy systems with both enterprise-grade security and support.

conversation channels

design the conversation

The Conversable SaaS platform is the best solution for creating smart, automated customer engagement conversational flows through messaging channels. The platform’s easy to use interface allows for full conversation design and the deployment of always-on, automated intelligent messaging.

One conversational model. Many flows Many platforms.

system integration

Conversable’s platform exposes an API Interface needed for the conversational model and enterprise client. In some cases, Conversable or a partner builds connectors to the legacy systems necessary to deliver the data needed to respond to various conversational requests while conforming to the API specification. The Conversable API Interface can grow and change as new conversations and nodes are requested by users and the client.

contextual vs. general intent

Much of the bot hype is about the concept of general intent where users type seemingly endless and random text into a chat interface and get magical, highly complex answers. But this is not how people use messaging in the real world.

messaging is contextual

  • First contact is almost always disambiguation. For example, a greeting that suggests “Order, Help, or Talk to an Agent.”

  • From there the user is put in a funnel with significant and increasing context through the entire interaction.

short-hand & emojis

People use short-hand and emojis when they message people.

  • They will expect these in bot experiences.

  • Specialized Natural Language Proccessing (NLP) handles these in context.

  • Messenger and Twitter feature advanced functionality which allows for “tap not type” experiences.

specialized natural language

The Conversable platform identifies points at which the user interaction fails and can be optimized with specialized natural language understanding to allow for faster and more efficient traversing of the conversational flows.

advanced system features

Using a combination of natural language understanding and supervised machine learning, the system can learn what users are looking for and suggest optimizations. Delivering more advanced AI and ML requires substantial data accumulation over many different interactions.