Conversable has been acquired by LivePerson

live conversation model


configuration packages

Intuitive Editor

ICE will show you what your conversation will look like right in the editor. Easily create engaging experiences by adding pictures, movies and other media.

Your team can choose the platform you’re designing for, design custom conversation flows, define and configure external integrations and analyze user behavior.

Dynamic Flows

The path the user takes through your  flow depends on the users context and their responses in the conversation. Any input, whether it’s free-form text or the press of a button, can influence the path the flow takes.

If that’s not enough, extending ICE’s capabilities couldn’t have been easier. By calling webhooks, you can easily integrate with any third party or add features that may be specific to your project.

Live Bot

Your conversation editor is always connected to a running chatbot.

Any change you make is reflected instantly in the running bot, so you’ll get immediate feedback as to how your conversation is coming along. This means no long iterative cycles and costly deployment time.


Management System

Easily add, change and replace media and copy in the content management system. Once added, you can re-use across all of your conversations and platforms. Any text can be personalized to include their name from their profile or other dynamic variables such as their favorite pizza topping.

Your copy can easily be added in multiple languages, the conversation engine will use whatever language is appropriate for the user.