Conversable has been acquired by LivePerson

Why Aqua?

Automated responses in conversational interfaces are a valuable complement to customer care teams. AQUA responds instantly to answer questions and efficiently deliver the next generation customer service.

Much of what users want to know happens to be available in some form inside your enterprise already. AQUA’s powerful language processing allows us to recognize and respond appropriately to common queries. These responses are tuned over time with machine learning within the Conversable system.


configuration packages


Add personality to your experience

Basic is a pre-trained set of smalltalk that allows your conversation to flow naturally. It includes basic responses to common interactions with users like “hi” or “how are you?”

Conversable includes these pre-trained interactions in all implementations which enable you to quickly add personality to your experience that is consistent with your brand voice.


Answer frequently asked questions; quickly identify 
& respond to new questions

Care uses natural language processing and machine learning to answer your customers’ most frequently asked questions and provide your team with tools to quickly identify and create standard answers to new questions.

The goal is to reduce escalation rates to your social care teams, reduce response times and increase customer satisfaction scores.


Automate customer engagement at scale

Engage focuses on customer engagement at scale using machine learning and custom business rules.

Instead of manually responding to positive feedback, use Engage to recognize that feedback and respond with an unlimited number of pre-defined responses.

Customize when and how you respond based on rules you set, i.e. randomize the response or only auto respond to users that meet certain criteria.


Insights gives you a realtime bird’s eye view of your conversational experience. Gain insight into what topics are popular and most effective.

View exactly what your users are asking and what they’re not getting from your experience.

Aqua product features

  • Configure intent & response data
  • Identify unresolved inquiries
  • Train your AI
  • Success of inquiry responses over time
  • Intent analytics
  • Insights into inquiries
  • Machine learning
  • Question analytics data