Conversable has been acquired by LivePerson

Crafted with intelligence

The Conversable platform is designed with the enterprise in mind. We work with Fortune 500 companies so we know how to navigate the complexity of launching secure, scalable on-brand experiences, while enabling enterprises to take advantage of the latest advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning as well as self-service tools to deliver those experiences.

Our Process

  • Why you want to work here:
    Very happy
    happy hours

    Company funded HHs.
    We know how to have a good time. :beers:

  • Why you want to work here:
    You get your
    own emoji

    Your face = Emoji
    A blessing or a curse? You decide. :thinkingface:

  • Why you want to work here:
    topo chico

    You could practically swim in it.
    But please don’t. :swim:

  • Why you want to work here:
    Really really
    great benefits

    Generous PTO. Amazing Insurance. 401k!
    You won't be disappointed. :thumbsup:

  • Why you want to work here:
    We'll welcome
    you with food

    And open arms, of course.
    New employees get a welcome lunch on us. :yum:

  • Why you want to work here:
    Random ping
    pong battles

    Helmed by paddle-wielding tyrants.
    We're pretty much pros. :pingpong:

  • Why you want to work here:
    On the clock
    movie dates

    Sometimes we like to recharge with a good flick.
    Popcorn included! :popcorn:

  • Why you want to work here:
    Do cutting
    edge work

    Chatbots. You'll get to work on them.
    How cool is that?! :robotface:

  • Why you want to work here:
    We've got
    mad jokes

    "I'm always down to clown."
    —Actual quote from actual employee :clownface:

  • Why you want to work here:

    Shots! Shots! Shots!
    Of yerba mate, that is. Because... Mondays. :sleeping:

  • Why you want to work here:
    Flexible work

    Come & go at your convenience. WFH FTW.
    Do good work and you're good. :sunglasses:

  • Why you want to work here:
    T-shirts T-shirts

    Cool company tees you'll actually wear.
    With a logo that doesn't suck. :shirt:

  • Why you want to work here:
    Work with
    big names

    You'll get to help well-known brands succeed.
    Make mom proud. :cupid:

  • Why you want to work here:
    Breakfast tacos
    nom nom nom

    Some mornings, we are blessed by the taco gods.
    Taco bout great hospitality! :taco:

  • Why you want to work here:

    A special channel just for throwing out praise.
    We know how to play nice. :dancers:

  • Why you want to work here:

    We work hard and play hard.
    Old fashioned? Yes, please. :whiskey:

  • Why you want to work here:
    Teamwork makes
    the dreamwork

    Everyone's in it to win it.
    We've got each other's backs. :hug:

  • Why you want to work here:
    Wear what
    you want

    For the most part.
    Every day can be 'Casual Friday.’ :athletic_shoe:

  • Why you want to work here:

    Sometimes you just need to shoot hoops.
    With your (slightly competitive) coworkers. :basketball:

Our strategic partners

We’re proud to partner with some of the best, most trusted names in the industry.  Together, we help clients develop their approach to conversational intelligence, from strategic vision through implementation and ongoing support.

Advisory Board

Brian Beard

With 26 years of practice, Brian has become one of the leading technology attorneys and legal advisors for tech companies in Texas.

  • Managing Partner, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati
  • Managing Partner, Gunderson Dettmer
  • Assisted the raise of billions of dollars in private & public offerings
  • Handled several billions of dollars in merger & acquisition transactions
Baron Concors

Baron drives technology innovation, disruption and simplification that delivers results. He helped grow the Pizza Hut digital business by 90% in a 24 month period.

  • Global CDO, Pizza Hut
  • CIO, YUM Restaurants International
  • CIO, Pizza Hut
  • VP, Global Retail Technology, FedEx
John McKinley

John has run huge, complex technology and product organizations. He has also done hands-on work with startups in various tech sectors.

  • CTO, AOL
  • CTO, GE Capital
  • CTO, Merrill Lynch
  • CTO, News Corporation

Made in Texas

Conversable is made in the great state of Texas with offices in downtown Dallas and Austin. The company was founded in 2014 to develop messaging technologies and has several issued and pending patents.