The Conversable platform enables both new and repeat transactions seamlessly in whatever channel the conversation is happening.

Customer Care

Conversable is creating integrated customer care allowing for higher convenience, quicker resolutions, and stronger brand loyalty.


The Conversable platform allows customers to get the on-demand content they desire instantly when and where they want.


Conversable allows enterprises to replace internal dashboards and portals with conversational data within existing enterprise messaging channels.

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design the conversation

The Conversable SaaS platform is the best solution for creating smart, automated customer engagement conversational flows through messaging channels. The platform’s easy to use interface allows for full conversation design and the deployment of always-on, automated intelligent messaging.

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Conversation flows adapt for individual platforms

The Conversable platform’s conversational flows are built to natively guide a user to a desired outcome regardless of what messaging platform the user is on while leveraging each platform’s unique user interface and feature set.

One model. Multiple platforms.

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  • Whole Foods

    recipe finder

    The Conversable platform turns Whole Food Market’s Facebook Messenger into an interactive recipe concierge.

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  • TGI Fridays

    ordering & reservations

    The Conversable platform allows TGI Fridays fans and patrons to quickly find available reservation times at the nearest TGI Fridays, browse and order their favorite food, and even ask frequently asked questions.

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  • Viacom & MTV

    live event bot

    The Conversable platform allows Viacom to launch bots for all of Viacom live events and award shows. The MTV EMA was the first-ever award show interactive bot that gave fans a full second-screen experience. During the live broadcast, fans could interact and ask questions related to the show, interact with the host, see gifs of the event, browse award categories, and participate in polls.

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  • Wingstop

    Meet wingbot

    The Conversable platform brings a seamless, conversational ordering experiences to Wingstop’s customers on all their favorite text and voice channels including Facebook, Twitter, SMS, and even Amazon Alexa enabled products.

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  • Sam's Club

    holiday gift genie

    The Conversable platform helps members only retail giant Sam’s Club l help customers find gifts for friends and family. Through a combination of both natural language conversational exploration and random gift idea generation, Sam’s Club shoppers can quickly find the products they are looking for, as well as products they might not even know existed.

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  • Pizza Hut


    The Conversable platform turns Pizza Hut’s messaging and social media accounts into an intelligent, responsive storefront.

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  • CES

    event bot

    The Conversable platform integrated with Twitter’s new quick replies and welcome messages features powers the CES Twitter Guide. The experience helps CES attendees find top hashtags and trends, company booth and event locations, speaker schedules, and answers to frequently asked questions as well as human assistance with the CES social teams.

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  • Victoria's Secret

    angel gift guide

    The Conversable platform turns Victoria Secret Facebook Messenger account into a conversational buying guide based on Victoria Secret Angel’s suggestions and favorites.

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  • Budweiser

    support bot

    The Conversable platform helps hockey fans get ready for the game with Budweiser Red Lights products. Canadian customers are able to browser goal-synced products, access gif set up tutorials and troubleshooting advice, and receive further support from live customer service reps through Facebook Messenger.

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The founders have created successful companies and delivered key mobile and chat innovations to major companies around the world. Now they are working together to bring the next wave of messaging to the enterprise.


Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

As the the founder and CEO behind Chaotic Moon Studios, a global creative technology powerhouse (acquired by Accenture), Lamm spearheaded the creation of some of the Fortune 500’s most groundbreaking digital products and experiences in the emerging tech world of IoT, VR, Connected Car, Mobile, Tablet, OTT, and Wearables. Chaotic Moon Studios clients include: Disney, Marvel, Pizza Hut, Dell, Starbucks, CBS, Intel, Whole Foods, WWE, BET, Microsoft, Newscorp, Caesars Palace, GM, Univision, Fox, and many more.


Co-Founder, Chief Product Officer, Chairman

Andrew has been an integral part in many foundational internet developments including inventing web-based chat and chat with a customer service rep. He has been granted over 22 Internet related patents. Over the past twenty years, Andrew has pioneered some of the industry’s most important web technologies – including work on Mosaic, the first web browser (now part of Microsoft Internet Explorer); creating iChat, the first web based chat system and one of the first instant messaging applications; and building WebCenter, the first major web-based customer service technology (now part of Avaya).


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